Saturday, February 11, 2006

The week's Catholic Key

For the first time in several weeks, I actually looked at the Catholic Key before pouring my bacon grease in it or using it to protect the floor from something I'm spray-painting.

Ughh! Why on earth does Bp. Finn keep his editor around? It's not just that the guy is some crank progressive who can't tell Catholic from Communist--the guy can't write, either!

The front page featured a color photo of the new high altar at St. Anthony's, a church I featured some months ago, which was brought in (I'm told) to restore some sense of history and tradition to the church, which had been vandalized by a previous pastor in the Spirit of Vatican II . Instead of having one article on the restoration of the sanctuary, and another article on the Bishop's message to the newly recognized Fatima group at St. Anthony, the writer (the editor) mashes both topics into one article? Why?

Because he both has a goofball dissident agenda and he can't write, I can't really tell why. Perhaps it's just incompetence. Perhaps it's because by somehow dealing with both issues in an incoherent way (a paragraph on one, a paragraph on the other) he can avoid dealing with either in any detail. The editor doesn't have to confront the obvious and correct subtext of the Bishop's desire to see the parish to make the sanctuary unmistakeably Catholic again--i.e., the Spirit of Vatican II was a destructive, evil spirit of division and novation that harmed the church spiritually, and in this case, materially. Neither does the editor have to get into any of the hard message of Fatima that flies against the Spirit of Vatican II.

At some point when it's convenient to him, I'll have a guest contributor who has a stronger stomach than I do join me in the cave, primarily and initially, at least, to underscore just what a corrupt influence the Key is in this diocese.


Todd said...


Influence? Are you sure? We use the Key for lining rabbit litter boxes, and I can assure you the progressives in my household don't read it completely.

Why doesn't Finn fire his editor? It might be less work to keep him and maintain the fiction of Catholic journalism on the diocesan level.

Anonymous said...
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Curmudgeon said...

Having made a couple of modest inquiries, I have no reason to believe that A de Z above is one and the same person as the Key's A de Z. and therefore I edited the comment to delete his signature.

Curmudgeon said...

Here's the comment above, reposted without the questionable attribution:

The above comment begs the question. Why bother with maintaining the "fiction of Catholic journalism on the diocesan level" when we could have the real thing? At this point,
a "house organ" would be better than a rag that so obviously does not share the vision of the bishop. In our present situation, the paper is discredited as selfishly dissident for its own purposes and the bishop is thought, as Herr C. says, to be indecisive by allowing an unnatural status quo to continue.