Thursday, February 23, 2006

Towers, towers everywhere

Ain't this cool? Originally, Redemptorist (Our Lady of Perpetual Help) was planned with a 225-foot tower. Redemptorist is pretty nifty as it is, but oh, what might have been!

I guess one could still build it today. After all, the Dallas Cathedral just finally got its tower in the last couple of years. I'll put that on my post-powerball project list.


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Dr. Bombay said...

There's a painting in the rectory, just inside the main entrance, of the planned church with the tower. I thought it had been built that way and the towers removed after Vatican II. Can't you just hear one of these wreckovators saying, "OK, we won't touch the inside, but we're bringing down that hideous steeple. The Council ordered it!"

It's my dream to see the Traditional Roman Rite said on the High Altar at Redemptorist sometime before I shuffle off this mortal coil.

And when you win Powerball, please do something about our Cathedral too. Start by removing the Holy Hot Tub that they claim is a baptismal font.