Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Catholic Blog Awards

Well, it's time for a certain, particularly self-certain subset of the Catholic blogosphere--the Mark Shea, Amy Welborn set--to engage in the annual Catholic Blog Awards.

...oh, do I sound bitter? Well, perhaps I am, because this year they eliminated the two categories I would have won in, hands down: Best Blog by an Idiot with a Camera and Mosst Typagraphcal Erors . . .

As it is, nominations were held earlier this month, and only five nominees in each of their categories were included in voting. I was among the top five nominees in NONE of the categories. It may be because nobody reads this blog, or because nobody likes it, but until I get affirmative proof to the contrary, I'll hold to the theory that it's unjust bias against me as a reactionary Catholic by a bunch of smell-the-roses neocons.

Anyways, I'm trying not to hold it against the one fellow member of the League of Evil Traditionalists who did get past the screeners, Der Tommisar--actually, he's the ringleader and a cruel tyrant, but that's another post entirely. I would encourage all of the people who read this (yes, both of you) to go vote for his blog at the blog awards in the three categories he's nominated for: Best Political Blog, Best Presentation, and most Bizarre Blog Post. CLICK HERE to go the the voting website. And if you do go to his website, marvel at his shameless self-promotion.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I read you. :)

But I'm boycotting the Catholic Blog Awards, not because I wasn't nominated, but because Jimmy Akin was nominated in nine categories, and one category he's not even qualified for (best blog by a man when his is a group blog including at least one woman!)

I think the easiest way to do the Cahtolic blog awards is not to even worry about voting. Just count the hits.