Saturday, January 24, 2009

Pope rehabilitates Holocaust denier, angering Jews

Deo gratias!

Our enemies are the principalities and powers, among them the Associated Press and whatever demon got into that devious Swede's and that idiot Brit's heads to try and torpedo a rapprochement.

As for this little complication...the holocaust questioning thing. I'll not comment and reserve judgement on the substance of it, as I really don't have any knowledge of the event beyond the conventional textbook history (which I distrust) and it would seem hard for anybody who did claim some expertise to question it on the larger points, for it's beyond credulity to hold that anybody could pull off a hoax of such magnitude. The substance of Williamson's stupid comments are not germane to the issue.

Let's consider, though, the shrill argument that we're already hearing in online newspaper comment boxes, and by tomorrow, we'll hear from "more respectable" quarters, who will live only in the present, and cannot consider the past.

1. The question of whether or not this bishop is in communion with the Holy Father is based on his current opinions on an secular subject rather than his part in the unfortunate sequence of events in 1988.

2. Williamson holds a crackpot idea about a secular subject.

3. No one who has crackpot views on secular subjects should be in communion with the Holy Father.

Now, I don't mean to keep Williamson out of the Church, but I'm not so sure I don't find that reasoning compelling or useful if it were applied to the Universal Church, and not just to traddies.

I think the Holy Father should reinstate the excommunication declared in 1988 with respect to Richard Williamson, and in the same decree, he should apply this principle to all Bishops.

Anyone with me?