Friday, May 20, 2011

Another subtler sign ....

That, however S L O W L Y it is happening, the human element in the Church is regaining its sense of taste and proportion, and with that, perhaps its focus on "the True, the Good, and the Beautiful." You know, it's focus on God.

Vatican Slams New Pope Sculpture

Compare that to what's going on in the elsewhere....I saw something where they redid the head on a classic statue of Pope St. Pius X so that it had Bl. JPII's head. Can't find it to link right now, but you can search if you haven't seen it already.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

C'mon Everybody

Gimme a little kumbaya?

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Hey Stan Hazlett!

It's been a couple of months since you put a break in your show-trial disciplinary hearing for Phill Kline, but I'm still wondering....

Are you actually on Planned Parenthood's payroll, or are you just a volunteer?

See the complete list of LSN stories by Peter Smith on the Kline trial:

* 107-count criminal case begins against Planned Parenthood in Kansas* Phill Kline ethics trial: Day 1 – Live update* Kansas abortionists failed to report 166 potential cases of child rape: Phill Kline trial day 2* Phill Kline attorney makes witness sweat in Planned Parenthood ethics complaint case* DA’s diary snatching brings new twist to Phill Kline ethics trial, potential crime* Kansas Travesty: 249 child-age abortions over 3 years, just four sex abuse reports: Kline Hearings* Kansas judge testifies ‘probable cause’ existed to investigate criminal PP activity: Kline Hearings* Kline did not violate judge’s order in secret Planned Parenthood case: judge’s legal counsel* Planned Parenthood gambit: beat Phill Kline charges, defeat Live Action?* Former Tiller attorney combed CD of sensitive records from Kline investigation * The Phill Kline saga: Planned Parenthood protected, children forgotten, the prosecutor prosecuted* Day 6 trial: Kline protected sexual assault victim privacy, Tiller compromised patient privacy* Video: Kline says ‘those in power’ blocked Planned Parenthood, Tiller investigation* Witness: Phill Kline didn’t need/want adult patient names* Prosecutor tells investigator: we don’t have to accept report clearing Phill Kline* UPDATE: Kline tells ethics panel, ‘You are violating my due process rights!’ * ‘It is wrong!’: Phill Kline blocked from presenting full defense, calling all witnesses * Phill Kline: Kansas Supreme Court ‘obstructed’ child rape investigation to save Planned Parenthood* Phill Kline ethics trial adjourns for now: battle has cost him $200,000 says Kline

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Obama bin Laden's "death"

Ok, the real important question here is, now that we've invaded yet ANOTHER country and headshot an unarmed bin Laden, and he's supposedly dead (again), and yee-haw, we won the war on "terrorism" (whatever the hell that is), CAN WE SEND THOSE MOUTHBREATHING, KNUCKLEDRAGGING TSA PERVERT STOOGES BACK TO THEIR OLD JOBS AT BURGER KING?
Gosh, what a wonderful country this would be if you could walk onto a plane again in the "land of the free" (insert guffaw here) without being accosted, stripped, sexually assaulted, and irradiated by those bastards.

Man, Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao or Pol Pot would have wet their pants with glee if they'd have been able to be as intrusive into the lives of their ordinary subjects as our government has managed to be.

Do me a favor, and when you fly next time, and some TSA goon expects you to answer politely when he demands you speak to him, ask him point blank when he's going back into the fast food industry.