Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Obama bin Laden's "death"

Ok, the real important question here is, now that we've invaded yet ANOTHER country and headshot an unarmed bin Laden, and he's supposedly dead (again), and yee-haw, we won the war on "terrorism" (whatever the hell that is), CAN WE SEND THOSE MOUTHBREATHING, KNUCKLEDRAGGING TSA PERVERT STOOGES BACK TO THEIR OLD JOBS AT BURGER KING?
Gosh, what a wonderful country this would be if you could walk onto a plane again in the "land of the free" (insert guffaw here) without being accosted, stripped, sexually assaulted, and irradiated by those bastards.

Man, Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao or Pol Pot would have wet their pants with glee if they'd have been able to be as intrusive into the lives of their ordinary subjects as our government has managed to be.

Do me a favor, and when you fly next time, and some TSA goon expects you to answer politely when he demands you speak to him, ask him point blank when he's going back into the fast food industry.


thetimman said...

I think the lawyers get it, but not many others do...

Curmudgeon said...

Hey timman! A traddie aquaintence of mine ... and a non-lawyer, as a matter of fact ... who didn't know he was talking to the Curmudgeon at the time, made an interesting connection last night between bin Laden's death and Tiller's. His was on the moral plane, and I make no pretenses at speaking to moral theology, but it make me think again about point #3 in my post on "honest" Abe Lincoln, and my post on George Tiller the abortion martyr. Whether it was morally justified or not, it was unquestionably not prudent.