Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Yeah, unchanging Truth .... except ....

.... for this German guy named Martin (maybe you've heard of him?) a few hundred years ago who decided to drop a few books from the scriptural canon, to finesse a few minor passages here and there, and ... oh yeah ... decided that only two of the seven Sacraments are really of divine origin!

OK. folks at Risen Savior Lutheran Church, Basehor, Kansas, I know you're Missouri Synod (which means that you're likely actual Christians, like some of your friends in the ELCA who've entered the New Age). Quit kidding yourselves. There's one true Church, and it didn't start in Wittenburg.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, just found this. In the first 7 church councils (1st 7 centuries), how many sacraments did the church ever speak of....2. Which teaching is Luther departing from any church Father (or Scripture). Sorry but it is Rome who makes up things, add books: the original Canon didn't have the extras until the Pope added it; Communion in both kinds; clergy marriage; purgatory; assumption of Mary, ...on and on where Pope create doctrine. Please learn some history. Luther did not add anything but purged the church of lies that had crept in through the centuries. Rome kicked him out...oh and then JPII states Luther was right and many things.