Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oops, look what slipped through the pro-abort filters at the Associated Press AND Microsoft

Here's an interesting article (at least it was interesting as originally published at 10:02 am Central time today). It was actually written in a truthful, matter of fact style. To think that it got through the mainstream media filter at Associated Press, and that it was posted on the Yahoo! news site!

Obviously, it states the case against the butcher too plainly to last before it's totally rewritten or removed altogether from the wires, so I've printed it off and linking it. I may post it later if it changes or disappears:

Pennsylvania Abortion Doc Charged with 10 Counts of Murder.

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Anonymous said...

Did you happen to keep this around? I think the news story has expired or something, but not sure. Seemed interesting.

Discovered your blog a month or so ago. I'm not always with you 100%, but really like it. Keep it up!