Monday, February 20, 2006

Cardinal Bruskewitz?

Ha, ha, ha.

Lefty Catholic blogger Rocco de Palmo, in his Whispers in the Loggia, has suggested that Bishop Fabian Bruskewitz is being considered for a red hat. Laugh-out-loud-funny. Bishop Bruskewitz, like his predecessor, Bishop Flavin, has done yeoman work in Lincoln and given the country some better-than-average bishops from his surplus supply of priests (not to mention, given the FSSP a central place to call its seminary home), and he's wonderful to have out there at the USCCB meetings, speaking plainly and against conventional practice of Bernardin's Boyz (although to little effect so far).

But I can't get past the fact that Bishop Bruskewitz seems to lack charm and political savvy. He's given to distemper, which while perfectly acceptable in a "progressive," is intolerable in someone who isn't. Some of the statements he's made against the SSPX, publicly and in private correspondence (I don't have them at hand), are a case in point. He could have warned his people away from the Society without viciously attacking them (they weren't, after all very active in Lincoln, because he's been rather accommodating of canonically-regular traditionalists). But attack them he did, describing them as, among other things "non-Catholic," and now there's a chance he could have to backtrack if the prayed-for reconciliation happens.

Yes, these days one needs a little charm to be a good Cardinal, in addition to being orthodox and strong-willed. Olmstead? Yes. Chaput? Oh, Yes. Burke? Perhaps. Bruskewitz? Perhaps two generations ago, perhaps two generations from now. To paraphrase one of my fellow Evil Traditionalists, a good Cardinal has all the qualities of Bishop Bruskewitz, but he also has some qualities that Bishop Bruskewitz doesn't. I can't imagine him building and leading a coalition, wielding international influence in the next Conclave. He should keep up the good work in Lincoln, or go take over and clean up what the bishops haven't squandered and the bankruptcy judges haven't expropriated from Spokane or Portland. I just can't see Bruskewitz as a Cardinal.


Anonymous said...

I think the comments made by Bishop Bruskewitz that you're referring to are here. See the link "LINCOLN DIOCESE & SSPX". It's been a while since I read it but I remember losing a lot of previously held admiration for Bishop B after reading that. He seemed to be a little over the top in his remarks; esp. the "non-Catholic" statements that you mentioned.

That said, considering previous cardinal appointments, we could get a lot worse...

Nicholas D.C. Wansbutter said...

You never know, the his oecumenical gesture of allowing his cathedral to be used by the Methodists for the "consecration" of one of their "bishops" (and in fact His Lordship was actually present for this disgrace) might put him in good stead for being given a red hat (Source).

Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Having worshipped in the Diocese of Lincoln (and being related, by marriage, to many of the Czechs in the Diocese), I can guarantee you that even the Polka Masses are orthodox. I don't know about the Methodist thing, tho' as a former Methodist I know they don't "consecrate" their "bishops", they set them apart. Any way, His Excellency is SO much better than most, I wish he could get the red beanie, but I agree with the Curmudgeon, it's unlikely!