Sunday, February 05, 2006

Super Bowl?

Until I logged on to Yahoo News, I had completely forgotten that it was Super Bowl Sunday, and I wasn't sure who was playing (the Steelers and somebody else, I think....). Mrs. Curmudgeon says I'm taking too much pride in my disconnect with popular culture.

Perhaps that's true. When someone talks about professional football, I always work in a comment about performing with my band at a Houston Oilers game, and I ask how the Oilers are faring this season. The other day, I derived great pleasure from my genuine ignorance of a Country & Western singer named Toby Keith. Although I've seen him on a billboard, I really don't know him or any of the half-dozen hit songs that the staff member at my office rattled off. I told the staffer my knowledge of country music ended at the point Jerry Jeff Walker sobered up, and the staffer (who was at least a decade older than me) had never heard of Jerry Jeff Walker. Pride went up another notch. A few weeks ago, a telephone survey lady from Gallup called and we went through a lengthy interview on my favorite TV shows, TV commercials I'd seen, my preferred local news channel, and my favorite radio stations. I had a delightful 15 minutes of genuine "Never seen it!" and "Never heard of it!" I couldn't name any TV reporter, much less my favorite local anchor.

Hmm. Perhaps it is Pride. What's the cure? Another afternoon of daytime television?

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CS said...

Odd you mentioned the Oilers; football has never been the same for me since they left.

Actually, they are the reason I wanted Pgh. to lose tonight. Still don't like them...

My father actually bumped one of the player's cars (don't know who)in the Astrodome parking lot after a game! Maybe you performed there that night (in '82 I think)!

Luv Ya Blue! as they used to say..