Monday, February 20, 2006

Cardinal Pell?

Cardinal Pell may not be perfect, but he's certainly above average as current hierarchs go (admittedly, a low average to be above).

Did you see the interview transcript for Aussie TV on the lefties' complaint to the Vatican about Pell's tyrannical ways, and Pell's reaction?

PAUL COLLINS: Ultimately, freedom of conscience guarantees that a person is the ultimate… that the person's conscience is the ultimate moral norm of their behaviour. Cardinal Pell never stresses that. In fact, at times he has seemingly attacked that and kind of almost wants it abolished from Catholic teaching. And he seems to want to turn Catholic teaching into a kind of a dictatorship whereby we have no moral conscience whatsoever. I mean, that at least is the logical consequence of what he's saying.

JEAN KENNEDY: But the Archbishop of Sydney has dismissed the complaint out of hand, and taken a swipe at his moderate critics.

GEORGE PELL: I think it's a bit of a hoot. I mean, people like Paul Collins, Veronica Brady and Max Charlesworth appealing for protection to the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith, it's…. the poacher's turned the gamekeeper. I think it's… life is full of surprises, but this is a splendid surprise.

For the full story, as reported by the godless secular Australian media CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.

Would that someone wearing a red hat in the United States could demonstrate such clarity, certitude, and good humor towards ridiculous dissidents! We've got men in our hierarchy who might be able to do it--Chaput in Denver has illustrated such abilities--but they're not yet in control.


CS said...

'Moderate critics?' WHat does it take to be considered a liberal?!

Curmudgeon said...

Don't be silly, CS. There's no such thing as a liberal down under!