Monday, July 17, 2006

A new webring . . . or not.

I was going to join a new webring (a cluster of blogs, like the Evil Traditionalists), but I was disappointed. When I clicked over to the following webring:

I discovered there were 0 active members, and 0 pending applications for membership. Now our little webring isn't big. Only a dozen members (mostly due to our lack of attention, and our inability to agree on anything), but gee, we've got the dissenters beat, don't we?


Todd said...

The organizer of the ring went inactive about four months ago, but there were about 200 of us when the ring was actively taking new members.

Nothing in our credo about being dissenters, though. We just differ from your twelve in matters of prudential judgment.

Dotte said...

Maybe this isn’t the place to bring this up but Todd’s post made me think of it.

I think a good song to redo for the Orthodox movement (I us that instead of Trad) would be “We shall overcome” a little rewrite of the words and I think it would fit. Any Ideas out there?

We shall over come this progressiveness!

Curmudgeon said...

Orthodox movement? As in the eastern Churches?

Dotte said...

No. I am just including N.O. Catholics who are Orthodox in belief. They are about as frustrated as most Trads. We tend to try to do somthing about it.