Saturday, July 15, 2006

Holy Family Slovenian Parish -- Update

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As I'm figuring out remote photo hosting, I'm gradually updating a few of my Kansas side church tour posts with interior shots I've taken. Now it's time for Holy Family, the beautiful little Slovenian parish church in Kansas City, Kansas


Like all the eastern Wyandotte County churches the parishioners are living under a dark cloud right now, fearing that Meitler Consultants and the chancery folks will convince the Archbishop to wipe them out. If you haven't visited Holy Family, you should do so in 2006, because there's no promise the parish will be there in 2007

And it would be a shame. It has a fascinating history, some of which is presented by Jovan in the comments to that post. If you've got more history that might be generally interesting, do please add it!

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Curmudgeon said...

It did seem a tad modern, compared to what was typically done. I had just assumed that it was original--people saw that sort of aesthetic in places during the 1920s. Interesting tidbit. I'd encourage you to post it in my original article as well.