Wednesday, July 05, 2006

T-Shirt dispute

My fellow Evil Traditionalists are disputing modesty, once again, on their blogs and in our elite, super-secret email list. Yawn. This time, the subject is T-shirts. Should a respectable Catholic man ever be seen in just a T-shirt? If so, in what circumstances? Yawn. In the locker room? In a campground? At home? At Mass? At Prom? Yawn.

Personally, I'm not much for T-shirts. I wear them every day, of course, but always underneath something else. Around the house I might wear my Free State Brewery T-Shirt (the one from the Lawrence, Kansas restaurant that seems to be coast to coast, with the statement from the Capuchin friar, Brother Epp who suffered through prohibition: "Without beer, things do not seem to go as well"). But I never, or almost never, go out in public in a T-shirt (except on the mad dashes to the hardware store as I'm doing my Saturday chores). I agree with my fellow Evil Trads that T-shirts should not be worn about in public (but more because it's sloppy and low-class than because it's immodest). I'll also add that I really dislike T-shirts with images of our Lord or the Blessed Mother on them--they really shouldn't go on something so banal.

However, I respect others' opinions on the matter (so long as I don't have to sit behind them in their T-shirts at Mass). If you're one of those others, and you really want a T-shirt, you should check out this guy, who sells "traditional" T-shirts, at least insofar as any T-shirt can be traditional. If I were a T-shirt guy, I'd order one each of the last two ("When does the next crusade begin?" and "Ecclesia Militans"), and I've already sent him and idea for another.


M. Alexander said...

Naturellment! In fact my husband does not own a pair of jeans and never wears sneakers. Dress pants, the ever present wingtips whether we are camping, hiking or working outside and a button down shirt.

Around the pool you can see him attired in the bathing shorts, dark socks and wingtips Richard-Nixon-look.

Jeffrey Smith said...

I don't even own a t-shirtb but I'm thinking some people have too much time on their hands.

Anonymous said...

Yipes! I love T-Shirts and wear them all the time. Nothing with weird images or anything, just nice solids, or occasionally stripes. I don't mind t-shirts in public. I actually find in quite amusing that the Evil Trads think it's immodest. That's just a whole different world than the one I'm part of, although I respect others opinon.