Friday, July 07, 2006

St. Rose Philippine Duschene Community Update

Over at Kansas Church Closings, I posted the written submission of the St. Rose Philippine Duschene Community to the Archbishop and the task force. At this point, it's so widely circulated around town that I might as well publish it over there.

Now, dear readers, before you waste your time commenting that (a) the exercise was a waste of time because the Archbishop has probably already made up his mind, and/or (b) it's a silly exercise that we wouldn't have to go through if we weren't compromising indulters, but instead went over to the SSPX chapel where we could have our old Mass, by right, without any strings attached, do PLEASE stop and read carefully: I know that. I know (a) is a possibility--actually, a probability. I know (b) is an option many have chosen in good faith. I have a feeling that the SRPD people who pulled this together from their data and their "listening session" notes have considered both points.

The battle for the Church is being fought on many fronts, and this just happens to be the front my that community is fighting on. Did the Resistance escape to England when the Germans overran France, or did they carry on from within, to the great benefit of those who did cross the Channel to regroup?

Those who've read my blog for a while know that I've never been one to condemn, outright, the SSPX or the laymen who have affiliated themselves with the SSPX (which isn't to say I haven't second-guessed certain members' prudence at times), and I have little patience either for those who pound on the SSPX as hellbound schismatics, on one hand, or those who insist that indulters are "of the devil," to quote one of my fellow Evil Trads, or that the SSPX/independent front are the only fronts worth fighting on.

I will continue to arbitrarily and capriciously exercise my comment deleting powers if comments get out of hand here or over at Kansas Church Closings.

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J D Carriere said...

To be fair, Mr. Curmudgeon, I think what I said was that indulters are the devil, not that they're of the devil.

It's important. See, Earl Grey tea is of the devil, but it is the Earl himself who is the devil.

Anyway, it was a tiny parody. A joke. You understand.