Monday, July 10, 2006

My kinda guys....

The Washington Post crowd is all lathered up about our friends at the Alliance Defense Fund:
"They're not for some form of generic religious freedom. They're for Christian superiority, that Christians take over the courts," said Barry W. Lynn, executive director of Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. "They are living in this fantasy world where the majority religion, Christianity, is claimed to be literally under attack."

Three webpages of screed against them from the "nation's newpaper of record [heave, wretch]." Many of the people who read this blog know at least one ADF lawyer--although you wouldn't expect a traditional Catholic working among the Post's list of "Who's Who" of evangelicals, there is at least one. Bully for him, bully for them.


Jovan-Marya Weismiller, T.O.Carm. said...

Let us never forget that the original name of the viciously anti-Catholic "Americans United for the Separation of Church and State" was "Protestants and other Americans United..."

Anonymous said...

I would probably side with the bad guys on this one.
This country has never been Christian (i.e., Catholic), and never will be until the power and influence of Protestants and Bible cults is evaporated.
Only when we are the openly professed pagan state which we have been from the beginning,
can a new evangelization (with the accompanying invasion perhaps by another Cortes?), tempered by failure and steeped in the nourishing blood of a new generation of martyrs, effect the victory in North America which the Church has envisioned for the U.S. since its inauguration.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, yeah, except that some of us have families we have to raise in the meantime...

Anonymous said...

I have a family, and I know precisely where you are coming from.
They will have their own battles to contend with in their adult generation - and the one after that - long after OUR bodies are rotting in the grave.
It is the aforesaid principle which I intend to pass on.
I do not look to see the U.S. converted (it may not even be in God's great plan for us all. It may even be that the U.S. is to give birth to the destroyer Anti-Christ!), and I doubt that my children will see it either.
Abraham waited 2000 years for the coming of Christ.
God takes his own good time.

Anonymous said...

The ADF appears to be taking some heavy hitting, hard to win cases. For the most part, it is not like we really are persecuted in America (especially when compared to the Sudan or China). While, I don't believe that we should defend every second grader who can't write a paper on Our Lord Jesus, there are some heroic crusaders who needed or still need defending--Joe Scheidler and Joan Andrews were 2 of the most famous. I know people who have lost their homes and jobs because of pro-life activity. I've been through some things legally because of pro-life, that I couldn't have handled without my faith. I had attorneys. I had some of the best in the field. I am so thankful that I was delivered and get to keep fighting. I am glad that St. Paul, who did have a glorious martyrdom, kept fighting his way through the courts so that he could spread the gospel. These groups are doing a service that is needed. Further, we have to remember that many people have the moral law which is written on our hearts. Our Faith is a gift and you sure get the advantage of sharing it when you fight with Protestants. I've seen many converts this way. Also, it is good that groups like this employ Catholics as the bulk of their clients tend to be Catholic and they need an intrepreter.