Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pro-Life Pharmacies

With other distractions last week, I didn't see this article about a decent supermarket owner in Olympia, Washington (of all places!) which decided it wasn't going to stock abortifacients.

It's not a story you see very often. And I'd like to think it's because a lot of pharmacy owners are quietly doing the right thing, and not because they ain't. At least I'd like to.

Which leads me to wonder, closer to home...are there any good pro-life pharmacists in the Kansas City area? I mean REALLY pro-life. No contraceptives, etc. If you know, please email me ( I'd like to be doing business with them if they're out there.


tim r. souder said...

Ask your pharmacist to register

Pharmacists For Life International

Unless they do something like
this, there probably isn't a way
to tell unless you ask. You
should also ask amongst your
parish and diocese. A Catholic
community should identify as
many places as possible amongst
themselves where Catholics may
go and have their faith treated
respectfully. Let's stick


Here are some pharmacists who
have registered:

Pharmacists and/or pharmacies listed herein have pledged to abide by the PFLI Code of Ethics and aver they do not dispense any abortifacient drugs or devices, nor do they refer for the same. Many times they are members of PFLI, although that is not a requirement for being listed here. PFLI is not responsible for business terms between the provider and his client(s). Please contact the listed provider for details and arrangements for services. PFLI reserves all rights to remove listings which are found to not be abiding by the terms above without notice.

Note to Pharmacists/Pharmacies: To get yourself and/or your site listed, please contact: PFLI, Pharmacist Directory Services, PO Box 1281, Powell, OH 43065-1281, phone 740-881-5520, fax 707-667-2447, e-mail:

Listed Alphabetically by State:
David's Pharmacy, Cartaya, David and Carmen RPhs "Your Pro-Life Pharmacy" 2302 W Martin Luther King Blvd, Tampa, FL 33607, Phone: 813-870-1967, Fax: 813-870-3277

Prescription Care Providers, Eells, Andrew RPh 6991 NW 82 Avenue, Suite 12, Miami, FL 33166, Phone: 305-418-4541

Richmond Apothecary, Rokosz, David RPh 1626 East Main Street - Richmond, IN 47374-4323, Phone: 765-966-2225 - Toll free: 800-532-1186 Fax: 765-966-4362

DuPlantis, Lloyd J, PD , Lloyd's Remedies, PO Box 1780, 3696 W Main St, Gray, LA 70359-1780, Phone (toll free): 888-872-5030, or 985-872-4547, Fax: 985-580-0213. email:

Koelzer, Michael G, RPh Kay Pharmacy and Home Medical Equipment, 2178 Plainfield Rd NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49505, Phone: 616-361-7319. email

Superior Pharmacy, Lane L Hawley, RPh 348 N Central Ave - Superior, NE 68978, Phone: 402-879-4234; Fax: 402-879-3131

Semler, Robert F, RPh; Waynesboro Pharmacy, 250-C Poplar Ave, Waynesboro, VA 22980, Phone: 540-942-5500, Fax: 540-943-5044.

Danby said...

Ralph's Thriftway in Olympia is now our grocery (and pharmacy) of choice, even though it is 45 miles away. We are just one family, but there are 10 of us still at the old homestead. I was talking to the shift manager at the store, he told me that sales are up 15% since the feminists called the boycott. They couldn't be happier.