Thursday, July 20, 2006

Massachusetts, Missouri, whatever . . .

Well, Missouri's prohibition on "gay marriage" obviously isn't getting us very far. Jackson County Circuit Judge Sandra Midkiff is apparently doing her part to promote the homosexual agenda, and the lapdogs, Governor Matt Blunt and AG Jay Nixon, are rolling over and playing dead. According to Midkiff, sodomites in this state now have the right to corrupt other people's children with exposure to their "lifestyle" via the Missouri foster parent program.

Naturally, Satan's own lawyers at the ACLU are in on this, too:

Brett Shirk, executive director of the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri, said he disagreed with the state asking prospective foster parents about their sexual orientation.

"If they’re going to comply with the measure, why do they need to know if people are gays or lesbians?” Shirk asked.

So, good Catholic parents, when the Missouri Social Services Goon Squad comes to take your kids away because they deem that you have too many, or they consider the lack of television in your household a form of neglect, the boys and girls may now have an opportunity to learn about sodomy while they're gone.

So, again, when does the shooting in the culture wars begin?


Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

This shows the foolishness of allowing women to become judges. They can't do sums, they can't think rationally.

They can follow a recipe for cookies and are good at reading stories to children, and have been told by feminist teachers in schools that these skills more than qualify one for running the country's judicial benches.

Curmudgeon said...


Chesterton, What's Wrong with the World, Part 3.

Anonymous said...


I think you're coming down on the feminine sex a little to hard.
I mean, Isabella of Spain comes to mind; and after all, what are modern judges of the U.S. if not little kings and queens?

Besides, it really matters very little if the foster care system (I had almost said 'industry') in this country is upside down. Children are deliberately kept in that water-wheel circle in order to give employment to a mass bureaucracy.
And my personal opinion on the whole gay marriage thing is this:
again, it matters little. The state can marry whomever (or whatever) it likes. It has no legitimate power in this realm (we have already compromised its regulation of it by no-fault divorce),and is therefore incompetent to interfere in this purely Sacramental matter.
Of course I speak as an utter idealist. So much for 'realism', what?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we "Evil Traditionalists" (and other Christians) are too much ladies and gentlemen to try and attack such foolishness head-on. After all, look how far we've gotten thus far. But it surely seems as if a "shooting war" will be the only way to end the politically correct absurdity of worldly thinking that has taken over our society.

The larger question is, who will fire the first shot, and at whom?

Anonymous said...

You are all missing the point. The shooting has started (see story). The question is when will the shooting back begin.

Curmudgeon said...

Aye. Point.

Anonymous said...

Massachusetts has a little bit of the same problem. You may want to read a little more detail at

Signed: A gal from Pittsburgh

P.S. There's another Catholic Curmudgeon at

Curmudgeon said...

Yes. There are lots of curmudgeons. But being an naive and technically unsavy, I didn't know just how many there were when I started a year ago. By the time I figured it out, I was too far along, and my other potential username (Troglodyte) was taken. So it goes. I did, however beat the Corning Curmudgeon to the blogosphere by about 2 months. So it goes.

Anonymous said...

All this blabber about shooting and such.
What is this: Dodge City?
IF the shooting starts, I am afraid that we are called to be in the fore, absorbing the first hail.

Only the blood of martyrs can nutritionally water this arid ground of North America now.


Curmudgeon said...

A statement I see on a regular basis. Whether a white martyrdom or a red one; we can expect either:

Archbishop Raymond Burke

St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke said that as Catholics continue to speak out on life and family issues they will face persecution. “There is going to be a persecution with regard to this, that’s clear,” …we live, as our Holy Father says, in a society of a culture of death where people want to convince us that everything should be convenient and comfortable and they don’t like to hear a voice which says ‘this isn’t right’”… “Bishops will be persecuted,” he said, and “also priests and lay people.” …“It’s what it means to be a sign of contradiction. We just have to accept that and we have to remain tranquil in proclaiming the truth with charity, but insisting on the truth.” “If we look to the example of Our Lord, we have to take up the cross for the defense of life,” he said

Anonymous said...

Well, we at least do not have to look too far back in history.
You have, no doubt, noticed my favorite ending huzzah.
We merely have to look south of the border, to the time of Padre Pro (or even more recently to Spain 70 years ago) to discern in what manner to conduct ourselves.

It is prophetic that BOTH of these bloody persecutions were unreservedly aided and approved of by the government of the good ol' U.S. of A.

Athanasius said...

My shotgun is oiled and ready!

tim r. souder said...

I think it's time for Catholics
to do two things (and I'm not

1. Band together like never

2. Use the law and the courts
in the same way that the
ACLU uses them.

It seems to me that the homo-
sexual agenda is gaining ground
in this country because they
have now stylized themselves
as some sort of persecuted


I know of no more persecuted
minority THESE days than those
who belong to the Holy Roman
Catholic Church.

We are now persecuted more than
ever before (except, perhaps,
in Colonial days when Catholics
had their Churches burned and
were denied jobs and
representation -- true story,
I've got the references to prove
it); and we are now (I think) a
minority amongst the entire
population of America.

It ain't a race to the bottom
to see who is persecuted more
than the other, but if the
Catholic Church in America put
their values in the same light
as the ACLU does theirs, and
if we sued the ever-livin'
peanuts out of anyone who
disagreed with us, we might
just get some action on that
which we hold dear. AND, if
we put our values in splendid
little phrases and sound-bites,
we might just get the rest of
America behind us.

We probably need to convert
that smooth-talkin tele-E-
vangelist with the Southern
accent, too -- whats-his-name,
I forget. Everything he says
seems to end up soundin' like
cold vanilla ice-cream on a hot
summer day . . . if he started
talking to America about the
Catholic Church, we'd be sittin'
pretty on Sundays.

Sound like a plan?


Anonymous said...

And to put the cherry on top, folks, please be advised that Judge Sandy-poo (the origin of this advancement of gay agit-prop agenda) is herself . . .

(Wait for it . . .)

A "Catholic"!! She is (ahem) a prominent member of Visitation "Catholic Community" (KC's own answer to the notorious St. Joan of Arc in Minneapolis).