Wednesday, July 12, 2006

From the FSSP General Chapter

With the understandable, hopeful focus on Econe and the reelection of Bp. Fellay as SSPX superior, many may have missed a less exciting, but nevertheless newsworthy announcement from on the FSSP general chapter webpage:

On Tuesday 11 July 2006,
the General Chapter of the FSSP,
has elected the General Council
including the following members,
the Reverend Fathers:

1. Patrick du Fa├┐ de Choisinet, Assistant,
2. Almir De Andrade, Assistant,
3. Charles Van Vliet, Assistant,
4. Josef Bisig, Councilor,
5. Alban Cras, Councilor.


John Paul Sonnen said... berg is great. he's from minneapolis where i'm from. i went to his first mass in 1997. deo gratias et mariae...

Anonymous said...
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Random said...

Father Van Vliet is our pastor at OLMC in Denver; I wonder if this means he'll have to move?


No longer FSSP? Did they join the Diocesan priests?

Anonymous said...
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Curmudgeon said...

Anonymous, and anonymous are each fined five shillings for breaking my rule about parish level names (random.brown is OK--Fr. Van Vliet is mentioned above and no longer a "mere" parish priest)

Here's what they said, with names exorcised:


Father Bisig, huh? Making a come-back, do you think? I met him several times...a VERY impressive man and the victim of those rogue French FSSP priests. Whatever happened to those 16 priests who signed the protest? Anyone know?

Also, I was recently astounded to hear that several of the priests who served the Kansas-side Latin Mass community are no longer FSSP X, Y, and Z (I think that's the spelling).

I happened across Fr. de X's name associated with the diocese of Bordeaux in France. He is a pastor of a N.O. parish.

The other two, I have just heard about. I don't have any specific information about them. But, the skinny is that they are no longer members of the FSSP...and presumably now N.O. priests.

That's astounding isn't it, that the three priests that preceded the current chaplin have abandoned the Latin Mass? What do you make of that?

7:25 PM