Friday, January 20, 2006

Who's reading my blog?

I installed some tracker script a two weeks ago as I was rebuilding my template, because I was curious to see where, in general, my readers were coming from (don't worry folks, it only tells me the location and address of the ISP servers and the source from which my blog was referred, not any detail about you in particular. I can't use it to access your bank accounts or go on an LL Bean shopping spree at your expense).

Very interesting. Of course, most hits are local in the greater Kansas City area, with a smattering of them thoughout the United States and Kanada (and even a handful from other places around the globe). I've received several hits over time from Sweden (no explanation, except that perhaps some word or acronym I use is a popular search term in Sweden). No hits so far from Vatican City proper, and only one or two from Rome, so I can't put on airs of being read in Rome like Rocco de Palmo in Philadelphia does.

Perhaps the most curious thing, though, is that over the last couple of days, I've receive three unique hits from the Ninth Circuit library servers from the US Courts system. Interesting. The Ninth Circuit, of course, is on the West Coast.

Now, I can't believe that some federal or bankruptcy judge in the Ninth Circuit(perhaps one of Satan's little helpers who are doing their part to destroy Holy Mother Church in the Spokane or Portland cases) cares to read my opinions on their participation in the Scandal (such as
this one or this one or this one or this one or this one ), but it's intriguing to think they might be. It's nice to imagine that the bankruptcy judge (who isn't really a judge in the constitutional sense, BTW, but that's another post) in the Portland case being so vain as to be Googling herself.

It's rather ominous to wonder if the reprehensible theives among the SNAP crowd have sicked the government on me, so that some federal marshall on duty in the Ninth Circuit is keeping tabs on me, getting ready to subpeona Blogspot for information so his buddies here in Kansas City can track me down and send me to be tortured at Guantanamo Bay (or perhaps have me quietly liquidated) because I haven't been sufficiently flattering of the bankruptcy bench on the West Coast.

More likely, though, it's probably some bored clerk or secretary killing time over a lunch hour, in which case, WELCOME TO THE CAVE!

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I google myself.

Nothing good comes up, though.