Saturday, January 07, 2006

More on "sacred" rapping in the local Latin Mass Community's church

Regarding a response to a Kansas City Outrage (below), I hear, through my sources, that some men (from both the St. Rose Philipine Duschene community, and from other traditional and orthodox groups around town, including St. Vincents) are getting together to pray the rosary together there at the church (outside the church) when this is going on, starting at about 3:45pm. The group is informal--not organized by anyone officially on behalf of the community--just some faithful, concerned men. Ground rules for the rosary group are--stay outside, no moms or young children, no vocal protesting, no signs, no talking to the press that might show up, and above all, NO HOTHEADS (after all, they'll have they're share of hotheads--prison guards, and whatnot).

I guess the "no hothead" rule disqualifies me from participating, but I suppose I should spread the word among any non-hotheads reading this blog (if any there are).

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