Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Blog Resolutions

Nursing a headache today. No, not the typical New Years' Day headache. I only had one glass of wine with dinner last night and I went to bed at 9:30--it's sinuses, made worse by incense at Mass this morning. Note to self: when my sinuses are bothering me, I need to go to low Mass.

Anyways, I have some short-term and intermediate goals (spiritual and temporal) for next year, but no formal "resolutions" in my real life. However, I've made a couple of blog resolutions. Here they are, with the introductory caveats that (1) they're not very interesting, and (2) their fulfillment is, as always, subject to the demands of making my living and raising my family (which Mrs. Curmudgeon seems to think rather important):

1. Get back to posting information about the clergy abuse plaintiff's bar and their attempts to rob the flock instead of punish the derelict shepherds.

2. Go back to my hate mail from the SNAP crowd a couple of weeks ago and make an interesting post of it.

3. Finish my series of posts on closed churches in Kansas City, Missouri,

4. Start a series of posts on churches in Kansas City, Kansas. For those, I might feature open churches (because, from the meeting I hear are going on, some of them might soon be closed, and also because the way KCK (or as we call it here in KC, the 'Dotte, for Wyandotte County) developed as a collection of immigrant neighborhoods, clearly segregated by ethnicity, each with their own churches only blocks apart (Croat, Slovenian, Polish, Slovak, German, Baltic, Russian, etc.) should make it an interesting history.

5. Add a blogroll and a few other features to my site, including perhaps an index to my church posts.

6. Make at least a minimal effort at editing future posts, instead of posting stream-of-consciousness, typos and all.

I could go on, but that's enough. If I stick with this blog and actually accomplish all these tasks I'll make some mid-year resolutions, or more likely, I'll just stumble along, month-to-month.

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