Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Quoted in the Wanderer

Well, despite my copyright notice, Paul Likoudis did lift a significant portion of my blog for a Wanderer article. It wasn't on my Tissier de Mallerais comments, though; it was on the advance warning I gave on the National Catholic Reporter's attack on our Bishop, John Finn.

One problem, though: John Finn ain't our Bishop. A check of reveals that there's no such person among the successors of the Apostles. We are led by, and the Distorter has attacked, Robert W. Finn.

Usually a good idea to get the name of the subject of your article right, eh? Were I Mr. Likoudis, I might have also called the Chancery and others around town to get comments from real people in Kansas City and not just rely on the rants of an anonymous crackpot blogger like me. But, he knows his business, I guess.

Anyways, I'm not concerned over their use--most of the quotations were comment banter, and now Mrs. Curmudgeon can say she's married to a man who was quoted in a Catholic newspaper of national circulation suggesting that a Bishop ought to have someone burned at the stake. I would have been concerned if they had tried to use my Tissier de Mallerais post. It would have annoyed me for them to have picked that one up.

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CS said...

Weird to think that Likoudis is prowling around here...