Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Update on St. John the Baptist, Croatian Parish, Kansas City Kansas

Over the last few days, my little post on St. John the Baptist church, the Croatian parish overlooking the West Bottoms in Kansas City, Kansas has drawn a great deal of attention from websites...Croatian websites...go figure!

Anyways, one person commented this evening on St. John the Baptist and provided a link to an old parish history (circa 1975) with a lot more information in it. If you're one of the readers who's following my soon-to-be-closed Kansas City, Kansas church tour, you might enjoy going back to that post, and also visiting the link to the Croatian history site that my commenter provided.

Thanks, Anonymous! Those of you who are plugged in to similar information about these parishes are again implored to get your two cents in.


Anonymous said...

They are closing St John's? I had no clue!

My oldest son attended there when Msgr Horvat was still there. He was in the Tamburizians. He will be so sad to hear this.

What will they do with it? Is the school already closed?

Sr Catherine, I swear made one of his ears stick out futher than the other!

Again - like in Missouri - old neighborhoods seem to not deserve their church.

How very sad.


Curmudgeon said...

That's a rumor going around among the Croats. I don't know that St. John the Baptist is on the list. One gets the sense, from various feeds that I have, that the list is already prepared somewhere.

It seems more likely that they'd close Holy Family, really. We'll see. The school has been, I believe, consolidated with St. Mary/St. Anthony. I'm not sure which parish plant it's in.

Anonymous said...

Holy Family School and St. Mary/St. Anthony school closed in the late 1980's. Those kids were all moved to St. John's school, which is still open, but only has around 95 students attending it now.