Sunday, May 14, 2006

Mrs. Curmudgeon's favorite quotation

Over the last few days, Mrs. Curmudgeon has been repeating this quotation, rolling her eyes, and giggling to herself:
Beste said the announcement did not surprise her. “I didn’t think he would keep a woman as a vice chancellor.
I like the next bit, too, with Sister Jean's presumption that she'd still be able to stay inside and keep the chancery populated with Distorter-reading types:

“But,” she continued, “I just presumed that I would continue with human resources. But in the course of the very brief conversation, he said he was going to hire someone else” for that job, too.
God Bless Bishop Finn. Hopefully the positive reaction he received in the wake of this article will give him the courage to keep the shakeup going, and maybe speed it up a bit.


Anonymous said...

Is this the best that Sr. Beste can do? (As someone else has said.)

I am reminded of the featured NCR quote of a young girl in the diocese of Lincoln who said that not being able to be an "altar girl" made her feel like she was not "special."

Darling, Sr. Beste, you're both special, but maybe both not the most suited for the job.

Curmudgeon said...

Funny you should mention that thing from the little girl in Lincoln.

I was just on the Distorter website, getting an electronic copy of the Finn articles cached before they disappear, and I saw it myself. Was on the verge of writing a similar snide comment myself.

Anonymous said...

The days of feel good "Catholicism" with rainobows and bunnies is dying out. Revolutionary bishops are retiring and dying.

Newsflash little girl and Sr. Beste, you are NOT special, you and I are nothing but dust, and to dust all shall return.

Praised be Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother!

Anonymous said...

I urge those who frequent this site
to be respectful and courteous to
Sister Beste and the NCR. Ribald
condescension and gleeful attacks
do not help your cause.

Personally, I am not part of your
diocese. I am currently doing my
own 5-10 year study of the 'nuts
and bolts' of worship services
within the Roman Catholic Church
here in the U.S.

I am a Roman Catholic, and I lean
rather heavily towards the TLM
Mass and the 'traditional' crowd.
Generally speaking, I have observed
the decline of worship services
when 'everyone' wants to be either
heavily involved, or even calling
the shots in a parish or diocese.

The best way I can describe the
phenomenon of what I see is this:
When everyone wants to take part,
the service has a strong
'aftertaste' of those who get
involved, rather than 'tasting'
like the Holy Roman Catholic

I doubt personally that many of
those who play a role in their
church's service are aware of what they are doing; but I have also
seen many who ARE aware of what
they are doing, and who directly
oppose priests and bishops, and
the letter of the law (GIRM, and
associated texts).

I approve of what Bishop Finn is
doing, and I appreciate his
moderate stance (accepts both
TLM and Novus Ordo). Bishop Finn
is likely getting rid of too much
laity participation, and it is
his right to do so. Things can
get weird quickly when the laity
is in charge. When everyone wants
to do 'something', things tend to
change. I am guilty myself of
participating (choir), and I find
myself now wanting to either quit,
or moving our choir's music to
what the GIRM in fact stipulates
-- Gregorian, latin music that is
the ancient gift of the Church to
the world.

We all need to be careful, though,
and act charitably towards those
who disagree. Sister Beste will,
I hope, find a position of merit
within your diocese; and I hope
lay participation is encouraged,
but with the thoughtful consideration toward some of the
things I have described here in
my post, and the position of their
Bishop, who it is their duty to

God Bless you!

Tim R. Souder

Anonymous said...

More telling is the fact that they begged Sister Jean to stay on because the fouled things up so bad.

Curmudgeon said...

No doubt, the people frequenting this blog would treat Beste and Noonan better than Beste and Noonan have treated them over the years.

The second commenter is right the Bishop and Fr. Offutt made a mistake. But their mistake wasn't letting Beste go; it was asking her to stay on for a while as the HR gatekeeper. Thankfully, she passed on the opportunity, and she'll go off to work in Milwaukee or LA or Orange or some other place that is beyond hope. A little turbulence in a change of regime, and some fits and starts, are to be expected. A little chaos in HR for a short while is not a big deal. The Distorter-reading crowd is just making something of nothing, sad that they didn't get the chance stick around, swallow up and muzzle Finn like their comrades in Milwaukee did to another St. Louis bishop, Dolan.

Anonymous said...

Sr. Beste was known, even within the pre-Finn chancery as Sr. "Beast". She has now lingering fans. People like her, who used their power for little good, are soon forgotten.

Terry said...

" and I are nothing but dust, and to dust all shall return."

I remember actually hearing something similar at Ash Wednesday once. But not the past two years.