Monday, May 08, 2006

Where is Part 3?

Part 3 of my response to Stephen Heiner's interview with Bp. Tissier de Mallerais was only tentative for some time. I intentionally declined to read the myriad of responses to the interview on the internet before I posted my own, simply so that my reaction could be wholly my own.

Once my comments went up, I began to slog through the pages and pages of responses, from sedevacantist to neo-Catholic, and decided that there will, in fact, be a part 3 to my post, which will consist of a commentary on those responses. However, as it will take some time to pull them all together, don't look for Part 3 until some time this next weekend, at the earliest.


Anonymous said...


Your analysis is much needed today. Suggest you submit your reflections to some blogsite such as Seattle Catholic. We need cooler, saner heads now such as yours-- this is a moment when it seems that a giant victory is about to be thrown away, due to pride and arrogance--and a weird utopian attitude on the part of some SSPX types that is not charitable, not practical, and not Catholic.


Curmudgeon said...

Thanks; I'm flattered.

However, Seattle Catholic has standards that I think my post falls well below. Someone with more time and perhaps more intelligence is welcome to take my nascent ideas and turn them into something worthy of Seattle Catholic, in which case, I'd be grateful for a passing acknowledgement, but no more.