Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Church tour, via Rome of the West

Those of you who are tuning for my part of the Kansas City rant against the National Catholic Distorter, are just going to get there via a little detour....

....to St. Louis, where Marcus Scotus, takes us on a tour of St. Francis Xavier (College Church) at St. Louis University....

Wow! How come the Jesuits haven't wrecked the place entirely? Somebody in the new order of the old order fell asleep on the job if they kept this beautiful building mostly intact!



Anonymous said...

St. Francis Xavier college church in St. Louis is like a beautiful woman whose eyes are mysteriously dead. You think she is just the woman you're looking for when you find she can't hold a conversation - there's something wrong with her, a deep psychological problem that makes her beauty seem haunted and eerie.

The Jesuits have not wrecked the place entirely physically, but the homilies within are the most subtly heretical you will encounter anywhere. Just sly enough to lead the college age congretation into confusion and malaise.

And somehow at the same time this takes away from the physical beauty of the church. It is a cold, lifeless, empty space.

Anonymous said...

Agree with "eyes are dead" comment.

If I recall, the fundraising folks told me (when they got me to sign up for the capital campaign for this) that the renovators tried to wreckovate, but apparently enough people vigously complained that, thankfully, they kept the "too tall" reredos, and the "out of proportion" stations of the cross. They did sadly succeed in moving Our Lord to the far right side, out of view. I pray He is returned to the front and center, and maybe the teachings will follow.

Agree that enough was left intact, and enough fixed (great lighting, new roof, painting) that I signed up for my share of the bill.

SLU Grad in KS