Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Which diocese are we in? Which century is it? What have I been smoking?

I logged on to the Old St. Patrick's website to check daily Mass times for this week. The old, plain website is gone and a snazzy new one is running. Check it out. Much to learn, much to know:

Especially check out the
restoration photo section, where you can see the work in progress--they're ripping up the old pews.

One correspondent, Orville, tells me that there are really no tears to be shed over the pews (other than the cost of replacing them, of course). They weren't quality furniture: just cheap pine slats held together for seventy or eighty years by cast-iron brackets (many of which were broken). Another correspondent, Guido (not his real name) also tells me that they had a surprise visitor at the work session on Saturday--
Bishop Finn showed up for a while to check out the progress and cheer on the troops. I knew I should have attended--both for the fun of actually helping undo a little of the "renewal" and for the opportunity to meet a very unusual Bishop.

In checking out Mass times, I also saw this announcement
in the current bulletin:

WITH GREAT JOY WE HAVE LEARNED that the Most Reverend Bishop Finn has graciously invited the Oblates of Mary, Queen of Apostles to the diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph. This order is dedicated to the support of the priesthood and will arrive near the end of March in Kansas City . . . .

Nuns in full regalia, with the traditional rule and the old office and sacraments, at the invitation of the Bishop of this diocese?

No, it isn't a cruel joke. My, my . . . how quickly the diocesan climate can change! I can't even think of anything curmudgeonly to say at the moment. So, we'll leave it at this:

Deo gratias.

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