Friday, March 10, 2006

Okay. FINE! Don't answer me!

I'm extremely disappointed that I never got a guess on the church I posted earlier this week. I did get an email, privately, from an individual who asked questions about it, and who, of course, thought it hideous, but I didn't get any real guesses.

So, I will admit that I posed a trick question. The building is not a Catholic church at all; it's a Mormon temple in Ogden, Utah (note that I cropped away the spire, with the gilded
Angel Moroni on top, in my original post).

The real Catholic church in Ogden (at least the original or principal one) is St. Joseph's, several blocks away. A beautiful church, in which the use of contrasting native stone is noteworthy (for this reason, I'm using less-forgiving color photos). I really wanted to get inside and see what the windows, and the sanctuary, looked like, and I pulled on every door when I was there, but I couldn't get in. Quite disappointing.

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