Sunday, March 26, 2006

Further Proof that I am an Idiot

For about a month (ever since I came back from hiatus), I've been posting somewhat regularly, but it's the strangest thing....whereas I used to get several comments each week from readers, suddenly I had none.

Zero. Nada, Nihil, Nichts. Zippo. Nil.

Days and weeks went comments. Wow, I thought, I'm either really boring people or really ticking them off. Not a comment one, since February 26.

Well, yes, now I know why. When I turned "comment moderation" off on my return, March 7, I somehow managed to restrict comments to "only members of this blog." Nobody could comment, except me (and why would I comment to myself?). I had virtually taped everyone's mouths shut.

So, uhhh, sorry about that.

If you've had anything to say on previous posts, and it's still with you, do please go back and say it. I really like the interractive part of doing this.


CS said...

We're back; I was wondering about that, thought maybe you were having troll issues.

Curmudgeon said...

You're the closest thing to a troll on this blog, CS. I'm still (mostly) under the radar screen.

And it is delightful to have you back.