Friday, February 06, 2009

Quiz on remission of SSPX excommunications

So much stupidity in the Catholic news these days! Here's a one-question quiz to see if you're keeping up:

Identify the person who published the following statement:
A few years after the Second Vatican Council, a French [A]rchbishop, Marcel Lefebvre ... judged that the Council had taken the Roman Catholic Church too far in a progressive direction, so far that no [P]ope since Pius XII has been validly elected and served as [P]ope.

Was it
(a) the Editor in Chief of the National Catholic Reporter?
(b) an anonymous commenter on the "Lost Lambs" blog?
(c) the Roman Catholic Bishop of Buffalo?
(d) internet canonist and anti-SSPX crusader Ed Peters?
(e) Bill Tammeus of the Kansas City Star?

If you picked (c), you win.

Was it because he is ignorant, or because he's devious? Honestly, I cannot bring myself to believe that a sitting Bishop would be so poorly informed about an ecclesiastical matter. Which means I'm assuming the latter.

Shame on me for having so little respect for the man. But if you respect the office, it's that much harder to respect the man.


CS said...

Was wondering about him lately, still writing nonsense as I see. As big a twit as ever (Hi Bill!)

This guy outta shut the hell up about Catholic issues, seeing how he always gets them wrong (Pius XII, et al).

CS said...

Blarrrgh, thought that said 'e'. Eyes ain't good these days.

It sounds like Bill, though, and he's still a twit nevertheless...

Curmudgeon said...

CS, I'm tempted to delete your second comment. No need for you to correct yourself. Your first comment seems on target, even though the answer is (c). Bill Tammeus is probably just as informed about Catholic issues as is Bp. Kmiec.

Charlotte said...

Need Catholic "tourist" ideas for St. Louuis and Kansas City. I'm traditional-sympathetic, so wondering if anyone here has some idea. Thanks!

CS said...

Kansas City is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Stowers family, nothing Catholic to do here.

Prank calls, Barbeque, and the occasional Aerosmith or Eagles concert about all we have left.