Monday, February 09, 2009

Doing the right thing

Imagine a Bishop or a seminary rector who said something scandalous to the faithful and harmful to the faith.

Now imagine his superior taking decisive action within a matter of days to distance himself and those under his authority from the source of scandal.

Now imagine the source of scandal promptly and publicly apologizing for all the trouble within a week.

Now imagine the source of scandal dropping into the background, and consistently with his promised apology, letting himself be cast into the sea and surrendering his post.

Also imagine a superior throwing a different, unrepentant source of scandal out of his order entirely....again within a few days of the violation.

Hmmmm. Maybe the "regular Catholics," Jesuits and several U.S. Bishops included (not to mention the entire German episcopate), could take a lesson from all this.

I could be proven wrong over the next few weeks, but at present, it seems that the "disobedient" and arrogant" Society of St. Pius X, from its actions so far, does have something to teach us "regular Catholics" about obedience and humility after all.

Of course the people that would benefit can't hear all this over their own shrill PC screams. But wouldn't it be something if scandal within the institutional Church handled is such a decisive way?

Pray for the Holy Father, that he might overcome his enemies inside and outside the Church, for Bps. Fellay and Williamson, and for everyone in or attached to the SSPX!


CS said...

I am not a Holocaust revisionist or conspiracy theorist, but I can't help but not care one bit about the concerns of the angry mob currently ripping Bp. Williamson to pieces.

This sort of stuff is dumb, imprudent and unproductive, but is it immoral? Ain't like he was ADVOCATING the Nazi war crimes.

Maybe if the critics would calm down a bit instead of calling him a 'Nazi' and photoshopping cheap gag pics of him I might give a damn. Till then, forget it whiners.

Dust I Am said...

The excellent examples given by the SSPX in this situation seems to have escaped me until you pointed it out. (BTW, Welcome Back!]