Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mrs. Curmudgeon's contribution...

Mrs. Curmudgeon brought up ANOTHER slick 4-page, union-printed flyer from the Jolie Justus campaign, which we received earlier in the week. Momma C. was really struck with the irony of one page showing Justus holding a black kid and advocating "a woman's right to choose."

She felt it was incomplete, and so we finished it out for the Justus campaign:


Margaret Saaaaaaaaaaaaanger?????

One comforting thing about all this is that we've gotten two copies each of these two flyers, and even though we've lived here for years, they're all addressed to previous residents. At least we can take comfort that she's blowing a lot of that culture-of-death money on bad addresses!

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Anonymous said...

With arms like that, Mr(s). Justus should run for the governor of California. C. Mahoney would love her.