Thursday, December 22, 2005

Another Jacobite Rising?

The radio is saying that Franz, Duke of Bavaria, rightful King of England, Scotland and Wales, being a faithful Catholic, has finally (with the implementation of the domestic partnerships bill), decided to do his duty, raise an army, and move to restore legitimate government to the British Isles.

He has, from his camp, promised to make an immigration/emigration decree that will permit almost any Western Christian to immigrate, permit any person who'd rather not live in a Christian country to emigrate, and to generally require those who served in the government of the pretender Elizabeth to go into exile, with the promise not to execute anyone who accepts it quietly.

He's also offered a ten-year plan to restore Church lands to the historic dioceses that were usurped by the heretics and schismatics, and to restore certain of the monastic lands, but only on condition that the Holy Father entirely suppress the parallel Catholic hierarchy and appoint a new hierarchy to the historic dioceses that are worthy of their sees and committed to using the restored patrimony for the greater honor and glory of God.

Although the reaction around official Europe is one of outrage, over a million British, tens of thousands of Canadians, Americans, and Irish as well as French and Germans have pledged themselves to the renewed Jacobite cause. In response, Parliament has passed a new Act of Supremacy, reminiscent of that from the time of Henry VIII, requiring an oath of loyalty to Parliament and recognition of Elizabeth II as the rightful, but impotent, monarch. Although there has been limited violence so far (and that largely instigated by secularlists) Prime Minister Blair and the Home Secretary are preparing to declare martial law. The existing Catholic hierarchy in Britain has denounced Franz, as have other prelates around the world. Only Bishop Fred Henry in Calgary, Archbishop Charles Chaput and Bishops Fabian Bruskewitz and Thomas Olmstead have expressed any positive sentiments toward the threatened rising. Strangely, Buckingham Palace released a statement that it would be inappropriate for the Queen to take a position in the matter, deferring instead to Her Majesty's government. St. James spokesmen have stated that Prince Charles and Princess Camilla intend to continue on their Italian ski trip as planned.

American President Bush has invoked the Patriot Act to arrest and detain outspoken American Jacbite supporters incommunicado, and he has pledged troops to help quell what he termed a "fundamentalist uprising that threatens American ideals."

Six o'clock already?

Hmm. Fred Henry, Archbishop of Canterbury? Charles Chaput, Archbishop of York?

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