Wednesday, November 16, 2005

And what ABOUT France?

OK, time for me to be curmudgeonly. Folks have been going on and on about the violence in France--primarily the fact that nobody in the maintstream media would admit that it the "youths" were almost exclusively Moslem immigrants. I haven't watched to coverage, so I'm not in a position to critique it.

Remember the Simpsons episode where Homer is hired by Hank Scorpio, the international criminal who manages his evil empire like Ben & Jerry's or something? The conversation at one point goes like this:

Hank: By the way, Homer, what's your least favorite country: Italy or France?

Homer: France.

Hank: [chuckles] Nobody ever says Italy. [sets the coordinates of a giant laser gun]

Really, it would be appalling to see Christendom destroyed like this (that is, by Moslem hoodlums, not by Hank Scorpio), with the deceitful coverage it's getting and all. But c'mon. France ain't Christendom. France hasn't been a Christian country since the 18th century, and hasn't been particularly well governed since the Carolingian empire. France is reaping what it's sown over the last three hundred years. It's sad, I must say, to see the great monuments of the West--Chartres, Amiens, Rouen, Notre Dame de Paris, Mont St. Michel, countless other abbeys and churches--fall into the hands of the infidel. But they've really been in the hands of the infidel for centuries, now, haven't they?

That doesn't lessen my pity for the faithful Christians trying to live there in the cultural ruins of the West, nor does it lessen our obligation to pray for those people, and for the restoration of Christendom. But hey, that pity doesn't extend to the entire country. France is getting France's due.

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