Saturday, August 27, 2005

WWJD in Spokane?

Nobody--or almost nobody--knows about this blog, but if a happy-clappy pacifist Catholic were to stumble upon by post about Spokane, they'd probably pull out the squishy mainline Protestant "WWJD" question or some variation on it.

Well, let's figure out what He might do to those (judges, lawyers, plaintiffs, bishops) involved in destroying the Church in Spokane and elsewhere by considering some of the reactions Our Lord has had in the past:

  1. Drive them out of the their temple with a whip?
  2. Send plagues of frogs and locusts?
  3. Turn the other cheek?
  4. Destroy the entire city?
  5. Drive them, like hogs possessed, to the sea to drown?
  6. Send a flood?

I'm not sure that #3 is the answer I'd bank on. If I felt a sudden tingling skin on a cloudy day in Spokane and I were standing next to a plaintiff's lawyer, a female bankruptcy judge, or a Catholic bishop, I drop down to the ground and crawl away quickly.

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