Monday, August 22, 2005

Gov. Napolitano's rag still whining Olmstead; Is Cuomo still here?

In Sunday's article in the Arizona Republic, Gov. Jan Napolitano's rag, we've got another shot at Bp Olmstead (who's done more for the Diocese of Phoenix in less than two years than his predecessors have in two decades). Who do they trot out for a quote? None other than that great Catholic and utterly principled public servant from the other side of the country, Mario Cuomo:

Former New York Gov. Mario Cuomo, who frequently speaks about the role of the church in politics, said that as far as he knows, Olmsted is one of only a handful of American bishops who has taken any steps to implement "Catholics in Political Life." "What does the silence of the rest mean?" he asked.

Um, we all know the answer . . . in a few cases, it means they're scoundrels. But in the vast majority of the others, they're just cowards.

Why won't Mario leave? The flexible, non-judgmental religious institution he longs for already exists in the Episcopal Church USA The ECUSA has far more friends among the political elite than the Catholics do, and the ECUSA has plenty of empty pews. He'd be far more comfortable there (at least in this life). I don't want to write anyone's soul off, but then, at what point to you simply let a guy follow the course he insists upon to his own ruin?

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