Tuesday, September 26, 2017

"Today, Lutherans and Catholics have come to acknowledge that more unites than divides us." [Cough]

So the Curmudgeon is back?  Well, yes, for the moment.

I can't bring myself to close the blog down completely, because so many people from old KC Catholic grade schools use it as a defacto place to connect and reminisce (I guess they don't have FaceBook?)

But we've lost the Culture War.  We've lost the battle to regain the structures of the Church for the forseeable future.  So there seems little point in raising hell about everything in Western society or in the larger Church.

However, there's occasionally something more local that's worth noting, and worth raising our vocies on.  The Holy Father doesn't have to deal with you and me (or even that fellow who appears to be Pope, but we can't be 100% sure, given just the publicly-known violations of Universi Dominici Gregis surrounding his ascension).  But hey, what about closer to home?   Abp Joe Naumann in Kansas and the new forgettable Bergolian appointee who appears to have replaced Bishop Finn (but we can't be 100% sure of) in Missouri--these fellows can't stop their ears completely.

And here's a chance to be heard!  Franciscan Heresy is coming to Kansas City on Friday night.  There's a Lutheran/Catholic Celebration of the Reformation.  Abp. Joe and Bp. whats-his-name (the Sacristy card says Jacobus--that's all I remember) are going to cuddle up with some ELCA "bishop" and talk about what unites us rather than divides us.  

It's not bad enough that they're Lutherans, who are going to be affirmed in the Augustinian monk-turned-heresiarch's pernicious errors regarding Justification, Scripture, and the Sacraments.  These are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America.  Now if we were going to "dialogue" with Missouri Synod or Wisconsin Synod Lutherans, that might be something.  Even though they're in damnable error, we can be reasonably certain that they're Christians of a sort.   The ECLA is the home of the left-wing, new age goofballs who change scripture, celebrate sodomy, and make regular donations to National Public Radio.  They're the subsect that you join when you want to be a modern-day habitless nun, or a prancing Jesuit, but your old German grandfather will write you out of your will if you cease to be Lutheran.  They're not serious people.

But then again, who better to "dialogue" with if you're a spineless, faithless post-Vatican II bishop, huh?

So I encourage everyone to show up and do some sidewalk counselling.  Maybe you'll instantly shake just one person out of his syncretic complacency.  Maybe you won't...you'll just piss someone off.  But hey, that's planting a seed that might grow.  And it's fun to piss off the right sort of person now and then, isn't it?

  Does anyone have a 2-page to 8-page tract explaining why the so-called "Reformation" shouldn't be celebrated?  It would be great to hand it out to people as they came down the sidewalk.   If so, email me, and I'll pay to print a few hundred copies if it's well done.  

Oh, and as for me, I'd be there, but I just found out about this, and it's archery whitetail season in Kansas, and I've already made a solemn promise to take the eldest of the little Curmudgeons out.  I'm not going to let Abp. Naumann's evil mess up my family commitments.  The eldest Curmudgeon will be a factor in my life for a lot longer than the Archbishop (or at least I hope so), so I must keep faith with her.

If you can't go, but you want to call and ask some hard questions of the organizers, here are your (Catholic) contacts:

Fr. Joseph Arsenault  (Ecumenical Officer-KC Kansas archdiocese)

Fr. Paul Turner (Ecumenical Officer-KC Missouri diocese)


Crickets said...

Chirp chirp. No one here? Gosh, you step away from a blog for only a few years and everyone disappears!

Alison said...

Interesting. I was doing a search for something and ran across this. Just so you know, I did go and pray the Rosary (all 15 decades) with one other friend outside. I did write letters. I probably should have followed up after I found out that the woman pastor of Reformation Church gave the homily. This is the Lutheran Church where George Tiller and BTK were members. I guess they don't exactly promote the Culture of Life there. I did have some of my Missouri Synod Lutheran friends offer to come and protest the fake Lutherans. I opted to do the Rosary instead.

Steve Phoenix said...

Curmudgeon, I happened across your blog after a recent visit to Kansas City from California, and I hope you still mean to keep it up. I was there as a result of a convention, but as I see everywhere now, I was so disturbed by the wreckovation of the Immaculate Conception Cathedral, and the same with the co-cathedral, the historic St. Joseph's Cathedral in St Joseph, MO. So, I wanted to know what had happened: and Curmudgeon's Cave appeared.

With regard to the two cathedrals: Everywhere the same: the solemn consecrated, single-piece high altar, placed in the church from its dedication, ripped out; a great architectural scar left behind; and a cheap-looking table and theatre-in-the-round in its place. From the statuary and the magnificent stained-glass, you can tell it was once a marvel. And now? A symbol of the empty shell.

Keep writing Mr. C, your blog is phantastic as a history, the same history, everywhere, of the disaster that has befallen us. Invaders from Mars.