Thursday, May 07, 2015

God bless Father Lockwood!

May God bless Father Lockwood for speaking out, and may God have mercy on Archbishop Naumann, who (as he has done with a few of his own good priests in the Kansas diocese) failed to back him up, and failed to even keep silent.


Dr. Bombay said...

This whole thing has a sulfurous stench that I find revolting. If one were prone to despair, the whole Finn debacle might be enough to push one over the edge.

If I were a priest or seminarian in the Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph, I might be thinking that it's one thing to be imprisoned for being a Catholic. It's quite another to be imprisoned after being falsely accused of being a deviant. I suspect false accusations by money-hungry lawyers and their ideological enablers will ramp up considerably after this.

At least lay Catholics don't have quite so obvious a target painted on their foreheads as of yet. A terminal illness with a precipitous decline is starting to have more and more appeal. This Orwellian bizarro world is untenable.

Dr. Bombay said...

It seems Archbishop Naumann has rescinded the reassignments of several priests in the diocese made by Bishop Finn before his resignation. All this instigated by the whining of a liberal priest who was upset he wasn't getting his way.

Yes, you warned us. You're a prophet.