Sunday, December 12, 2010


If you're having trouble finding something to rejoice about on this third Sunday of Advent (and you're not a member of this parish), then rejoice about this:

You didn't have to assist at a traditional Latin Mass with the "Prom Queen of Guadalupe" shimmering next to the Perfect Sacrifice.


Juxta Crucem said...

You didn't have to assist there, either. In KC we are blessed to have choices. Unless folks vote with their feet, nothing will get better.



Barbara said...

As of Wednesday the blinding horror was still on display at Blessed Sacrament.

Holy Mass at Old St. Patrick's Oratory is at 6 pm Friday, 9 am Saturday, 8 am (Low) and 10:15 am (High) on Sunday.



Anonymous said...

Erica, Barb, why let that rush you off? You can outlast it--just arm-wrestle each other for the most forward and starboard seat in the nave where you can most easily ignore it. What doesn't kill you makes you strong, right?

After all, it's probably not the worst thing that's happened in that parish. It's not like there's a rap music performance or or anything, huh?

I think, though, after those who erected it get done, they need to include it in the Felt Banner Museum:

Juxta Crucem said...

Hi Crudge ...

I know I cannot outlast it. I know my grasp on my Faith is feeble. There is a reason most of the folks at SPDLMC have left the Novus Disorder. Perhaps your faith is stronger, but I can't be presumptuous with mine. Unconsciously we soak it in. Remember the sermons the former pastor used to preach on that?

Besides, with time the situation there is not getting better, it is getting worse. The NO culture is prevailing.

Many Advent blessings to you and yours.


Barbara said...

It's just that I have a debt to pay; a great debt. And I can't pay what is due with that thing stealing the attention owed to Our Lord on the altar. Had there been nowhere else to go perhaps it would have been meritorious to stay and attempt to pray but I have my doubts even still.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, Ladies, it's gone! As for the other stuff...well, that's something I won't address on the blog, except to say that I've been around for almost 9 years and I intend to outlast it!

delete me said...


Anonymous said...

It is b a c k ! Or so I heard.

The schedule at the Oratory is the same as previously posted.