Tuesday, June 09, 2009

George Tiller, abortion martyr?

Let's stop the hand-wringing and be frank: Yes, he deserved to die, and no, the cause wasn't served by having him die THAT way. The last thing we needed was some sort of diabolical martyrdom. If the blood of the [true] martyrs was the seed of the Church, we can only expect the Evil One to try and turn that on its head and use Tiller's blood as seed for his garden of wickedness. Obviously the shooter didn't read observation #3 in my post below on Lincoln and the pro-life movement.

Now, I'm not saying that I doubt the sincerity and passion of the guy who did it, no more than I doubted the sincerity and passion of Timothy McVeigh, nor I doubt the sincerity and passion of Guy Fawkes. But (as the evidence shows in the Gunpowder Plot, which happened at a most convenient time to consolidate public feeling behind King James and permit him to expand an ungodly government's control over the populace ... and the evidence may someday show in the Oklahoma City bombing, which happened at a most convenient time to consolidate feeling behind the Clinton Administration and expand an ungodly government's control over the populace) the coincidence of this finally happening just a few months into the Obama regime is uncanny. What better way to create good cover for an assault on people like us?

Certain shadowy operatives for the protestant regime found in Guy Fawkes a man whose anger at injustice overwhelmed his reason, and pushed him under the parliament building with kegs of explosives. It has been posited that certain shadowy operatives found in Timothy McVeigh a man whose anger at injustice overwhelmed his reason, and drove him to the OK Federal building with a Ryder truck of explosives. Some future historian (certainly not our coopted contemporary press) may learn that certain shadowy operatives encouraged this Tiller killer guy in a very similar way. The Obama Justice Department goons will be swarming the state to find evidence of a conspiracy, and I wonder if they'll be really careful not to find evidence of that sort.

So I guess we brace ourselves to feel the boot from the Daley machine thugs in Washington and vermin in Kansas politics (the ones that didn't follow Kathleen Sebelius to DC). I'm sure that pro-death shill Dan Watkins in Lawrence (who abandoned the Catholic faith to ride Sebelius's coattails and Tiller's money to the US Attorney nomination) can't wait to get confirmed into his office at the Dole Courthouse so he can ramp up the persecution.


Jason said...

You, sir, are a nut.

Dr. Bombay said...

When the fascists in the Democrat party start rounding up folks like us, loading us on the boxcars and sending us to the ovens there will be plenty of martyrs. But will anyone care? Unlikely. Some bigotries are acceptable after all and people of faith, especially Catholics, must be sacrificed for the good of the state.

The Tiller murder is likely the Reichstag fire of the pro-abortion movement. And like the good little jack-booted thugs they are they will capitalize on it to consolidate their power, just as their ideological daddy Herr Hitler did.

Curmudgeon said...

Yes, thanks for reminding me of the Reichstag fire as well. I always go to the Gunpowder Plot because it's directly agains Holy Mother Church, but the Reichstag incident is another good and more recent reference point.

Anonymous said...

Even if "shadowy operatives were not at work" we no one operative that was at work and that is the devil. Just when the pro life message appeared to be reaching people and they were beginning to see through some of the pro abortion hype this incident takes place. Who benefitted? Certainly not the pro life movement.

Anonymous said...

Heck, I talked to some atheists at the local Kansas City Freethought Group who were overjoyed at the news.

They cackled with glee when they heard what happened to Tiller.

This has done more for the cause of baby murder than a thousand propaganda programs.

Emanuel Goldstein

Anonymous said...

One consolation the fact that the devil is pulling out all stops means the pro life cause is starting to gain ground The devil is lazy when he knows he has won!

-blessed holy socks, the non-perishable-zealot said...

An effn 'martyr'?? C'mon!!! As a Roamin-Cathode-raytube, Pop is serving in Nigeria as a brother at MFS, as he taught this sinfull mortal quite well of the EVILs of slaughtering your unborn. No, girly, I definitely believe Tiller's in the Abyss of Utter Misery, mortifying in the heat for eternity, for there's only 2 sides to be on... and he choose death not only in this weee, Finite Existence which his intitution was the sole provider of rape, but 'apres l'morte' (French: after death). But, alas! the KneeGrow population in BIG cities 'lay-down' their lives, literally, for a cheap lay and/or gang-bang as the lesbian Margaret Sanger enforced. No, I do not believe EVERYONE gets into the Great Beyond. C'mon. Why do you think there's a left side, girl? Wise-up. Literally. God bless.

Curmudgeon said...

Kadaver Dude, read my post again. You seem to have missed something.