Friday, August 10, 2007

Hey, this free access to National Catholic Distorter is interesting!

Here's the summation of their editorial on the motu proprio:

We fear that re-embracing the Latin Mass could undermine the liturgical reforms that undergird the spiritual and theological developments of the Second Vatican Council. Changes that will set off our alarms include:

  • Reconfiguring seminary curricula to focus time, resources and talent on training priests to offer Mass and other sacraments in Latin and away from training that would support celebrating the sacraments in the vernacular.
  • Cutting back on seminary training on pastoral duties, such as counseling and chaplaincies.
  • Restricting church design and architecture in favor of old forms not conducive to the guidelines in liturgical documents written in the last 20 years.
  • Discouraging efforts to use contemporary music and other artistic expressions in liturgy.
  • Increasing restrictions on liturgical ministries open to all laypeople, men and women.

Some of us fear; some of us pray.

And in this article, we have some woman in Colorado Springs complaining that the traddies there preferred the company of other traddies, and preferred the old organic calendar to the "on the spot product" manufactured a few years ago, and preferred that church And she goes on to use a "we all celebrate Dad's birthday a different day" analogy. Well, of course, that's quite compelling, until you realize that Dad birthday is when it is, and SOMEBODY changed it.


Dust I Am said...

Know God, Know Yourself, and last of all, Know Thy Enemy.

YoungCatholicSTL said...

Thanks for pointing out the access to the NCD...I think. I'm so fired up right now after just reading parts of several articles on there that my head is spinning. That's a window I will have to close on my computer for awhile.
BTW, great posts. Keep up the good work!

Brother Declan said...

Half the Modernists are telling us that no one is going to go to the Old Mass and that the MP is meaningless to 99.9% of Catholics...The other half of the Modernists keep telling us that this will be the MP will split the Church in half and destroy Vatican II.

These guys need to get their story straight.

Anonymous said...

I am not someone who generally enjoys seeing people upset or is overly optimistic about the future of the Catholic Church, even with the Motu Proprio.

But, I have to admit that reading the whining of so many whose panties have obviously worked into a very tight wad is entertaining and on some level even gratifying. Enjoy the moment, I say.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post, Curmudgeon! They're getting nervous, so we know we're playing our cards right.

Anonymous said...

Yes, those panties are twisting ever more tightly...

Pat Marrin, an NCR editor, said it best: “These are difficult days for those of us who have invested our hopes and labors in the unfolding of the kind of church we thought was mandated by the Second Vatican Council. More than 40 years since the close of the council, whose keynote was ‘full, conscious and active participation by all the baptized,’ we are witnessing an institutional retreat into clericalism and theological absolutism. For many progressive Catholics, the options seem dismal: wait out this ‘last hurrah’ or drift away from a sadly dysfunctional church to find life elsewhere.”