Saturday, March 10, 2007

Let's not forget Satan's little helpers at the plaintiff's bar

Of course, remember, it's about healing, not about money. It's also about justice (but please don't ask us to explain to you how getting 40% contingent fees on a judgment paid by expropriating the patrimony accumulated by generations of sacrificial giving from innocent fellow Catholics, instead of the perverts and their enablers themselves, is just).

Now, one of my big blogging regrets is that early on, I intended to focus on the modern theives and scoundrels at bench and bar who are exploiting the misdeeds and misgovernance of the clergy and hierarchy in order to destroy the Church and enrich themselves in the process. I got a few posts off on the subject, here, here and here, for instance, but I wandered off into other rants. The bad guys are still at it, of course, and Satan's own Marci Hamilton is still scribbling away in her comfy-chair at Cardozo, putting out unsupportable nonsense that a law professor--even one all- consumed with the project of ridding the world of religion--should not be allowed to print under her credentials. If I start posting regularly, I need to get back to this topic. Really, because it's one that nearly everyone else ignores.
But, Oh, Mr. Curmudgeon, though, where did you get this ad?
Well, I got it from Orville, with many thanks. Orville cut it out of a newspaper.
But from which newspaper, you ask?
  1. The Davenport Leader
  2. The Quad City Times
  3. The Kansas City Star
  4. Pitch Weekly
  5. The Quad City GLBT News
  6. The Catholic Key
Yes, of course, he cut it out of the Catholic Key (page 10 of the March 9, 2007 issue, vol. 39, no. 10).
Obviously, things are still rudderless at the Key (which is, of course, better than having a firm hand at the tiller steering the paper purposefully in the wrong direction). But we see our own diocesan newspaper being used as a tool of the enemies of the Church (which isn't new, of course, but this is noteworthy for its brazenness). Something must be done.
Hilary, we need you down here!


Anonymous said...

Question --- who placed the ad? If it was the Diocese of Davenport in order to settle some sort of legal requirement in their bankruptcy filing, doesn't that put this in new light?

Dust I Am said...

But why did "The Key" have to accept the ad, even if paid for by the Diocese of Davenport?

Anonymous said...

The Davenport diocese did not place the ad. Perhaps C. can update with that.

Curmudgeon said...

Yes, I tried this morning but couldn't get it posted (lots of trouble with Blogger these days).

If you follow the clues you see that it leads you to a website for the "proposed counsel" for the "unsecured creditors' committee" of the Diocese of Davenport. Basically, it's the plaintiff's lawyers trying to organize the victims and make a buck.

The Davenport diocese will be paying for it, for sure. The plaintiffs lawyers will submit it as an administrative cost to the debtor in the case. But Dusty hit upon the real question I'm asking (and Orville asked)....even if the court permitted or compelled such an ad to be offered, certainly the court doesn't have jurisdiction to make the Diocese of Kansas City accept if for the Key.

The Vegas Art Guy said...

Man, I thought Vegas was the only place where the RC Church has having problems. Here though it seems to be just a couple of bad priests and so far it's not systemic. At least you're not raising money to build mosques like they are in Germany...