Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Musings

1. What on earth happened to my Blogroll? It was out of date before. Now it's just flat gone. Must have happened when I converted my template to the newfangled Google one. Hmm. Didn't notice until I went to clean out my Evil Trad reference. Maybe I'll just steal Wolfie's blogroll.

2. Standing in line this morning, to get some protein in my after yesterday's fast and abstinence, I had a good look at Ronald McDonald (yes, I know, but it was the most acceptable option where I was. The mom-n-pop place nearby has closed, and the other quick place has too much foo). Anyways, back to Ronald...has he always been so effeminate? I never noticed when I was a kid.

3. Mark your calendars! That paragon of Catholic theology, Fr. Charles Curran, will be speaking for the "Topics to Go" leftish crowd on "Loyal Dissent" at 9:30am on Saturday, March 24, at All Souls Unitarian Universalist "Church," in the shadow of Jim Stowers' American Century towers. Anyways, will Charlie wear his clerics? Well, probably. Media might be there, ya know. I'm sure he still has a suit in his closet, and by now he's taken a lesson from Richard McBrien and Andy Greeley to always have a picture of you in your clerics above some heretical caption. Better to undermine the church with, my dear.

4. Was Ronald McDonald always so effeminate? I never noticed when I was a kid.

5. Finally, I'm Evil no more. Yesterday, I quit. After some time of chafing under certain directives imposed by the Evil Overlord, who has transformed the League of Evil Traditionalists from a fun ring of good natured (mostly) traddies, both indulters and "irregulars," into a boring ring where "docility" is de jure, I'd had enough. The League of Docile Traditionalists? Naw, I'll pass. You'll notice I'm no longer sporting the "Evil Trad" button. I still greatly admire Hilary and certain others in the Ring, (including, but not limited to, Mary and the newest member, Gillibrand) though.


Anonymous said...

Ronald's always been a ponce. Grimace is an old queen too. And the don't really need to ask, do you?

Any man that wears makeup has to be a sissy. That goes for movie stars and news anchors. Flamers, the whole lot of them.

Hilary Jane Margaret White said...

Never did quite figure out what you were objecting to, but never mind.

J D Carriere said...

Whatever on earth is the matter with being docile?

Having a comfortable chair, a pipe, tobacco and a match, and a tumbler of whisky, what use have I got for being anything but docile?

I just cannot see the sense. And so I protest, however weakly.

M. Alexander said...

I'm sorry that you left.