Sunday, October 29, 2006

Indefinite-to-Permanent Hiatus

Believe me, it's not that I've run out of things to say. It's just that I have to attend to other responsibilities which are more pressing and more profitable (personally and economically) than just ranting and raving here.

I had intended to do a few more posts on the clone & kill amendment and the latest round of deceit in Alan Meitler's Wyandotte County church closing process, but it would all be for naught. The Stowers people will keep spending money on their lies all the same, and the chancery rats and their consultant will keep scheming to suppress their one embarrassing success story, and scheming to wipe out what's left of the Church in Wyandotte County, all the same, whether I'm posting or not. It doesn't really matter, so I'm not going to postpone the end of the blog and the resumption of my real life to see how those two issues will end.

I'll leave the blog up for now, because the closed church photos still generate some interest (and it's good for the people in Wyandotte County to have access to the KCMO tour so they can come to grips with the destruction and waste that lies ahead). But don't expect any more posts soon. Or for that matter, ever.

So long, and thanks for stopping by.


Anonymous said...

I'm sad. You and Kansas City Catholic always got my day started on the right foot.

May God bless your future as much as you have blessed my present.

SleepyBob said...

You will me missed Curmudgeon.

Anonymous said...

Hope. Hope is a virtue.

Sean Roberts said...

Having been on the blogging grind myself at one point, I sympathize. I'm still sad to see you go, however.

Jeff Culbreath said...

God speed, Curmudgeon. You've done fine work here. Please stay in touch if you can.

Stephen Heiner said...


Anonymous said...

Godspeed Curmudgeon. Hope to read you again one day.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Good decision. It reminds me of when my brother spent time reading blogs on Catholic fatherhood. His wife asked if there was an alarm on those sites that went off after 10 minutes, reminding the Catholic father to get off the computer and go spend time with his kids. So go now and raise up saints! Godspeed, Curmudgeon.

tim r. souder said...

Mr. Curmudgeon;

You've made it very clear by what
you've written here that you
don't believe your weblog will
ever make much of a difference
in the bigger picture of things.

As a Catholic, I've been given
the grace to notice the little
things and the little changes
that happen around me; and
seeing in their smallness, their
poverty, and their simplicity
a great sense and statement of
hope and faith that bigger,
flashier events simply wouldn't
ever be able to confer.

So, before you go, I'd like to
make you aware of some of the
*little* things that your blog
has been able to do.

First, you've introduced me and
many others your community and
to your community's issues.
Your weblog was the first
"trad" blog I ever saw, and I
learned a great deal more about
the Tridentine Latin Mass and
the issues TLM-ers face than I
ever would've been able to do
on my own.

Your weblog also introduced me
to every other "trad" blog out
there, from 'Kansas City
Catholic' to 'Rorate Caeli'
to 'The Cornell society for a
good time'.

Your weblog has also helped to
place Missouri's cloning issue
on the national agenda -- I
strongly suspect that many press
reporters and journalists have
been reading your weblog for
the 'other' side of the story.

And finally, your weblog has
helped to strengthen my own
faith. I understand my own
traditionalist impulses and
feelings better now than ever
before -- where I was once a
wavering half-trad/half-NOer,
I am now a solid 'trad' thanks
to someone who uses the moniker
of 'Catholic Curmudgeon', and
the other blogs he's helped me
to find. And this solid 'trad'
is now seriously considering a
vocation through the FSSP.

So Congratulations, Curmudgeon!
My hat's off to ye! You've
accomplished, perhaps, far more
than you ever thought you would;
and you've done this by changing
little things in little places
all over the world.

May God Bless You!


Anonymous said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and am very disappointed you have decided to discontinue. K.C. is my home turf although I seldom visit but I have good memories of Msgr. McCaffery and my old church, Blessed Sacrament on 39th st. You have helped revive those memories and I say "Thank you.". Good luck and again thanks. Walt