Thursday, September 07, 2006

Another one's out!

It was relayed to me today, via Orville and MO Catholic, that somebody's bumper sticker has caught the attention of the St. Louis paper. Not so much so, of course, that they dare repeat the slogan, but it has been posited that it's the one being distributed by my informal group of friends here in Kansas City:

Now, my friends tell me, they've got a second one circulating, as well as the first. The scan below was sent to me with apologies for it being cut off; the ringleader seems to have an 11" scanner and this sticker's a little longer than that:

You can get some of these, and the original one below, by emailing My understanding, though, it that they don't want to send these out in ones and twos if they can avoid it....they ask that anyone who's interested try to commit to taking and distributing at least 10 to other people (who will put them on their cars)

There are lies. Damned lies. And Amendment 2. Vote No.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go. These stickers were the first ones I've seen out. It's a great message to see on our highways. Getting the word out has a gaining in the polls.