Saturday, August 05, 2006

Today Is My Blog's First Birthday

As I noted earlier in the week, today is my blog's first birthday. I try generally to avoid being too self-aware on this blog (not that this sloppy mess is anything to be too vain about anyways), but I'll indulge myself a little on this occasion..

...but just a little: I haven't had time to really look back much over the 360 posts and 440 pages I've written over the last year. Or at least I haven't had the inclination to do so. But, I do recall some posts that I was happier with than others over the past year, and I do have some other thoughts.

To begin with, I want to thank the two people who commented just last evening on my ancient Guardian Angels posts, and wished me well, one saying "May God improve your research skills and forgive your snottiness," and the other, "This site contains serious factal errors and smacks of bigotry against the poor. You do a grave disservice to buldling up the kingdom of God with your condescention." It's nice to know I'm out there making a difference, eh?

Also, I'll mention the thing I'm most disappointed with: sometime last winter, I switched comment applications and I lost a bunch of (actually all of) my early comments, including some responses to my attacks on the clergy abuse plaintiffs bar that were pretty outrageous. I wish I still had those. I'll also mention something I'm rather pleased with: in a year, I have only nine instances of coarse language (and it's directed at people who deserve it). I wish I was doing that well in real life.

OK, now for my retrospective (which I may edit later today)

First, my first substantive post:

Second, a few pieces of general mockery and mischief, lighthearted or not:

Third, some better than [my] average exterior photography on early KCMO church tours:

Fourth, a little righteous anger at the shepherds:

Fifth, a couple of more serious posts about the SSPX situation, and the situation at my own community:

Sixth, a couple of failed attempts at deep thought:

Seventh, desperate pleas and complaints:

And finally, a couple of lighthearted things:


JimC said...

Just dicovered this blog a month ago. Loved your rural Mass post I bet I know the young priest. If it is who I think it is he also has the faculties to say the Old Rite. He took over a disaster where the previous priest left and married after making a mockery of the Faith. I am thinking he has done much in catechizing in his parish. I know the guitars were killing him. He is very serious and wants to do things right.

Curmudgeon said...

Jim, although I don't know all the details, I know enough to know we ARE probably talking about the same fellow. But I remind everyone of the rule that we don't mention parish level names.

Curmudgeon said...

Not to be argumentative with a new reader, but to be precise (and I welcome correction myself from someone who has better credentials or knowledge than me):

To be technical, saying Mass in the old Rite doesn't require "faculties." As I understand it, faculties are a matter of jurisdiction, as I understand it; a priest ordinarily needs faculties to preach, hear confessions, and perform weddings; not to say Mass.

As I understand it, any priest can say the old Mass privately; the problem comes with public celebrations, in which case under the Ecclesia Dei regime, one needs permission from the ordinary (the indult situation is an injustice, and it's understandably disregarded in many places, but it's the way things are at present).

That's not to say that our rural priest doesn't have training in the old Rite (and that he says it with the knowledge and blessings of the Bishop). Lots of diocesan priests are going that direction, and it's great! It's another early sign of the restoration that we've been praying for, as is everything else about our fine young rural priest.

cranky said...

Thanks for the help sorting through SSPX, also Bishop Wuerl. We're worse off than I thought. Might "Men of God" appear to operate on the same level as little boys locked in playground disputes. Mary pray for us (and for them).

Anonymous said...

pride cometh before the fall

Ginny said...

Congrats on your one yr anniversary. Great site! Keep on Blogging!!