Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Blog Birthday Approaching

On Saturday, August 5, this blog will be one year old.

A year ago, I was just screwing around, and I decided to record a few thoughts on a Mass I had attended in rural Kansas. I had no idea, and no intention, of making 357 posts (an average of almost one a day?), or of filling 434 printed pages with mindless rant over the course of the year. But that's what I've done.

Four hundred thirty-four printed pages? Can you imagine? That doesn't even include comment box chatter! What could I have accomplished if I'd channelled that energy into something meaningful? I'm not saying that I could have written the next Philothea or something like Dawson's The Making of Europe, but c'mon, Curmudgie, what are you doing with your life?

And while I'm at it, for the last few months, over a hundred people a day have been visiting this blog. Why? To count my typos? I have to ask, "What are YOU doing with YOUR life?"

Nothing personal, of course. Anyways, I thought I'd share an interesting error message which I received, as I was pasting my latest blog entries into an MS Word document, which I keep as a separate archive (I'm not sure why; I just do) The message was as follows:
There are too many typographical and grammatical errors in Blog Archive.doc to continue displaying them. Too see these errors, select Tools, Spelling and Grammar.

How appropriate, huh?

Well, I'm this far along, so I probably owe myself a little one year retrospective--you know, a clipshow. But I'm too close to the blog (and too lazy) to do it myself. Does anybody have any suggestions for the "Best Post"; the "Worst Post"; the "Best Church Tour"; the "Post with the Most Egregious Typographical Errors?"

Any nominations?


Jacques said...

Curmudgeon: any of those great posts on closed (or nearly closed) churches in KC area will do as nomination for best post--and also the one you wrote on the need for SSPX folks to become somewhat more realistic in negotiations--that was an excellent piece, and no gramer or speling misteaks! Great stuff. Happy anniversary, and keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Happy Blogversary,

Enjoy your thoughts (at least most of the time) and check your site daily.
Don't give up now -- some of your posts just might qualify as among the best things written on the subject. And the books may get burned . . .
Jim McMurry - Wash, DC area trad

unreconstructed said...

This blog's a welcome alternative to the neo-conservative multitude out there. So keep it up, don't get distracted by anything important or useful.

best posts? the unfinished Tissier de Mallerais piece? the 'imagine yourself' post in June? also enjoyed 'Who killed Bing Crosby? Who's dismissing Mel Gibson?' and the comment follow up re the 'prot-fundamentalist' character of much neo-cath apologetics. pretty spot on.

Anonymous said...

Who's dismissing (dissing) Mel Gibson? Probably not a good candidate for best post at the moment. But I am prejudiced, I will always love Felt Banner Museum.

Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, Mel's personally knocked that one out of the running, hasn't he? It was a good'n up until last week, though, wasn't it?