Saturday, August 19, 2006

Missouri anti-cloning action.

Well, in my absence last week, I guess the bumper sticker below started circulating among homeschooling, traditional, and other orthodox circles in Kansas City:

I miss all the fun stuff, eh? I made some inquiries and learned this isn't official, just some guys that came up with an idea, pooled their resources, and ordered it. I understand that it simultaneously circulated in St. Louis among the St. Francis de Sales crowd last weekend as well.

I don't know how many more of these are available, but if you live in Missouri and you don't have one, (especially if you live outside of Kansas City or St. Louis and don't have one), please do email them at or else email Wolftracker at Kansas City Catholic and we'll see if the folks who did this can't remedy the situation. You can email me, too, but I'm only good at complaining about things, not actually taking action, so I'll just forward it to the guys who are involved in this.

Added Sunday:

And then, on the other hand, you have this:

Americans for Cloning Elvis

If that isn't a case against Amendment 2, I dunno what is.

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