Thursday, August 10, 2006

A complete coincidence...

Remember folks, that all the stuff that went on today at Heathrow is wholly unrelated to American and British interventions in the middle east since 1948. It's a complete coincidence. Really!


Steve said...

Just for Fun, August 9th, the day the plot got rolling, was the anniversary of Saladin's capture of Beirut in 1187.


Lee said...

Anniversary according to which calendar?

Anonymous said...

The problem isn’t Zionism or the Jews (still God’s people—God can’t lie), it’s Islam. Love the Muslim, hate Islam, and stop the murderous jihadist/terrorist by any just means necessary.

Curmudgeon said...

The problem isn't Jews; it is Zionism, though. And Zionism in this country gets its energy from heretical dispensationalist prots.

Islam is to blame in the sense that wasps are to blame when you start messing with their nests, get them angry, and get yourself (and some innocent bystanders) stung.

It's really that symple. Moribund Islamic culture was not a threat until we gave the imams something to serve as a unifying and rallying cry.

Curmudgeon's middle eastern policy: Drown the Israeli cabinet in the sea. Take back all their American made arms. Stop the flow of money to Israel. Send the Palestinian and Lebanese Christians in this country home--armed and trained. It's the least we can do given the destruction we've underwritten against them.

And once we've done that, stay out of it and quit pushing godless democracy and pornography on the world.

Lee said...

I wish I could express my thoughts on this matter so clearly.

Thank you, Curmudgeon.

Steve said...


"In 1187 Saladin (Salah ad-Din) managed to wrest the city back into Muslim hands, but was only able to hold on to it for six years before Amoury, King of Cyprus, besieged the city once again and the Muslim forces fled. Under the rule of Jean I of Ibelin, the city's influence grew and spread throughout the Latin East, but the Crusaders lost the city again, this time for good, in July 1291 when the Muslim Mamluks took possession."


But you can google "1187 Saladin Beirut" and pull up all kinds of stuff on this.

Lee said...

Thanks, steve.